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Common Pests – Guide

Pest Control and Common Pest Types

At DeBug, we offer top-notch pest control and extermination service. Our staff has a wealth of experience in this field and you can rely on them to call out to you for any quotes, concerns and emergencies. Read through the guide below to find out more about common pest types found in New Zealand residences and commercial spaces. If you spot one of these in your home or office, or if you have other concerns regarding pests in your location, send us an enquiry or give us a call to discuss how to go about your pest control issue.

Auckland has problems with four main types of flies. The house fly, cluster fly, fruit fly and drain fly. These flies are commonly causing grief to us in the warmer months. DeBug Pest control can offer effective treatments and advice to both commercial and residential premises.
pest control flies
Ants in Auckland can be a problem. The Black house ant, White footed ant, Argentine ants and Coastal brown ant are the most common ones found here. We can offer effective treatments tailored to the type of ant infestation you have.
pest control ants
The hot summer months bring forth a lot of German Wasps with nasty stings. They tend to build their nests in walls, ceiling spaces, retainer walls and holes in the ground. Over time, if unattended to, the nests can get extremely large with thousand of wasps in them. We recommend you have DeBug attend to this problem quickly and effectively.

The paper wasp or Asian wasp nest is capable of getting to the size of a grapefruit. They usually put their nests on roof lines or in trees. We can destroy and remove these nests for you.

pest control wasps
Fleas can be controlled in the home and commercial premises. We recommend that you treat any pets at the same time with a vet-approved treatment. All bedding — including pets bedding — needs to be hot-washed at the same time as treating the rest of the house. We recommend you vacuum and throw away the bag before we come as you will not be able to vacuum for 10 days after the treatment. Our treatment contains a growth regulator to help stop the lifecycle of fleas.
pest problem fleas
Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetles are small, oval insects. They cause damage to wool carpets and other wool and organic-based products (including fabrics). They have extremely strong jaws that can chew through tin cans. They are seasonal and when not inside chewing your carpets, they can be found outside in a beetle form on certain plants. DeBug can do a treatment to stop these bugs in their path.
control Carpet Beetles
We are usually troubled by the roof rat (black rat) and the Norway rat (brown rat) in Auckland. DeBug will come and do an assessment of your premises and put a recommended plan in place for the eradication and control of these pests.
control rats
DeBug can tell you if the roaches you are seeing are Native outside ones or German roaches that only reside inside. We have safe and effective methods to rid your house of these.
control cockroaches
Mice breed extremely quickly and can get in the smallest of gaps; we will do an inspection and put an eradication and control plan in place for your premises.
control mice
Moths usually feed on your kitchen grains, but can also eat through clothing and many natural fibres. Fogging is the best way to eradicate moths and larvae and deter re-infestations.
control mice
In the warmer months, the cricket population explodes and can become a real problem. DeBug can effectively sort this out for you.
control cricket
There are over 2,400 types of spiders in New Zealand but only 3 are attracting attention: Katipo, Red Back and White-tail. While most spiders here are not venomous, they do bite and may cause a reaction or even a bacterial infection. We can remove spiders in your home by spraying.
control spiders
German Roaches
These are a crack and crevice bug that are nocturnal. They live in groups and feed off crumbs, grease, garbage and papers. They need moisture but can survive for long periods without it. If they are not controlled they will continue to actively breed.
control German Roaches
The long summer months bring about the mozzies. We recommend you check your property for still water — check containers, guttering and drain traps. We have mozzie traps available to help with the control of mozzies as well.
control Mosquitoes
DeBug can tell you which outside roaches are finding their way into your home and give you a plan to eradicate them from the inside of the house.
control Roaches


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Pest control is not something you want to DIY. If you want a real solution to your pest problems, work with professionals who have years of effective pest control experience.