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Protect your home and your family from pests. Take control of the situation before it becomes an infestation.

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Having pests in the office can affect employee morale and overall productivity. Manage the situation before it affects your business.

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Stay on top of your pest situation or start preventive maintenance today before a full-blown infestation happens.

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Welcome to DeBug Pest Control

At DeBug Pest Control, we value and care about our customers and this is reflected in our customers' loyalty to us. We have customers who have trusted us with their pest control needs for many years and have over 13 years of pest control experience under our belts. That's over 13 years of satisfied customers.

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Pest control is not something you want to DIY. If you want a real solution to your pest problems, work with professionals who have years of effective pest control experience.

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Pest Control and Common Pest Types

If you spot one of these in your home or office, or if you have other concerns regarding pests in your location, send us an enquiry or give us a call to 09 577 4448 discuss how to go about your pest control issue.





Carpet Beetles






German Roaches